President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making memories in Africa

We awake each day in South Africa and find aspects we love and find unique and special. Here are a few of the daily things that I love and don't want to forget.

The African Sky  
Unique Phrases and Sayings 
All the flags represented by our missionaries from 34+ different countries
The dress of African ladies living in the bush
The delight of having missionaries returning to visit with their families (Elder Ryan from the UK with his mom and brothers)
Visits to the Police Station-good we didn't have to leave them behind bars!:)
Girls Night Out

Spotting signs from home in random places- I saw this in a restroom in one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Joburg!

Gifts from home (Pictures of great memories and a new scarf!

Making favorite foods from home
Celebrating special holidays with special friends, that have become like family
Theo, Lynne and Tyler Van der Hover inviting us over for Easter lunch!

Wish we could take Tyler home with us in the mission van!

Having great new friends over to the mission home for Family Home Evenings!

Having fun on our P-days. This Saturday in March we entered a 75 K mountain bike race in the Limpopo Area. It was so much fun and tiring!

Helping Elders with their ailments. Elder Smith-Holley and Elder Bryner with in-grown toenail operations. 

Wildlife is everywhere in South Africa. 
Delicious food is plentiful.

Traveling around with crazy missionaries is always fun.

Road trips make us all a little tired. Haha


  1. hahah this is my favorite post!! so many fun memories. where did you see the sun valley sign? haha laughed out loud at that! and the last sleeping pic! i love south africa and there are so many reasons to!!!

  2. I agree with Emi...this is an awesome post! Love all those little things that make your journey "all this & a bag of chips." These are the 'bag of chips" moments! I can't believe you guys are still ambitious enough to do a bike race!

  3. I agree with both of the above, this is a fantastic post. These are the kind of pictures I want Elder Silvester to take, but I haven't been able to express that in a way he understands. If it happens to come up at any meetings, maybe give the Elder's an idea of photos to take. (That way he doesn't feel called out) I think he gets tired of me telling him I want photos.
    Thanks for posting the week of witnessing photos. LOVED THEM!

  4. Tyler is so cute. I loved seeing pictures of their home. It looks beautiful.