President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

High Five!

 Five new Elders joined the SAJM
on March 31, 2015

L to R
Elder Aaron Reynolds from the United Kingdom
Elder Owen Masiya from Malawi
Elder Joaquim Mapenda from Mozambique
Elder Eric Souza from Brazil
Elder Tanner Roberts from Utah (below) *he arrived on a later flight on transfer day from the Provo MTC.
Pick up of the new Elders from the departing elders heading home. 4 arriving from MTC and 4 departing! 
Elder Roberts with the Dunn's, then Elder Mapenda, Elder Reynolds, Elder Masiya, and Elder Souza.

Elders with their new companions below:
Elder Mayenda* with Elder Mapenda
 Elder Rini* with Elder Masiya
Elder Leman* with Elder Reynolds
Elder Farnes* with Elder Souza
*Great trainers for our new missionaries

Elder Dye* with Elder Roberts (below)

During transfer meeting the new trainers are announced and they get to meet each other. It is an exciting day in the mission. Everyone can remember the day they were in this place and the entire mission is asked to welcome and help these new Elders get acclimated.  We are excited for this awesome group of missionaries that joined us today.

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