President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Plenty of joy in Joburg

On Tuesday April 21, we welcomed the Joburg Zone for a day of interviews. 8 came at 9 am and the next group arrived at 11 am.

Back row: Elder De Hunt, Elder  Bua, Elder Ryan, Elder Perkins, Elder Mamhere, Elder Reese, Elder Nelson
Front Row: Elder Lamini, President Dunn

Cornbread Muffins are staged and ready to be made.  A main staple in Africa is Miele, which is similar to cornmeal. We used this for our recipes to encourage more use of this staple.
Elder Lamini and Ryan starting on the cornbread muffins
Elder Nelson as both cook and dishwasher
AS well as Elder Hunt....

Elder mamhere , Bua and Reese take time to write notes of appreciation as an act of service
Irene adds color to the mission home. She has been especially helpful to our service minded missionaries by giving them service needs around the mission home.

Elder Nelson and Elder Lamini

Elder Perkins making thank you cards.
and Elder Mamhere....
Enjoying the fruits of our labors with a snack.
Below, the next group arrives.
Elder Riley, Elder brown, President Dunn,
Elder Wood, Elder jackson, Elder DeLaCruz, Elder Whitesides, Elder Hentunen, Elder Compton

Hentunen and Jackson in the kitchen
Elder De laCruz good with the iron
Elder Wood making a very creative Hogwarts card
Elder Whitesides reaching high to clean the blinds
Elder Jackson getting perfect muffins in the oven first.
Elder Riley and Whitesides enjoying the coffee table safari books


  1. Just looking at this with Brynn and we can't get over how cute you are to do all these fun things with the elders! Lucky boys. You are making them great missionaries AND future husbands!

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  3. Handmade thank you cards! I love that. They are lucky to learn how to cook from such a great teacher and cook.

  4. I was logged into Natalie's email and commented. Sorry for that! Wish she could look at this cute blog. Love you Linda.