President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A new Stake President comes to visit

We had a great family home evening a few weeks back, when the Krause family came to the mission home to enjoy a meal and a FHE message. President Krause was recently sustained as the new Stake President for the Roodepoort Stake. We felt delighted they were able to accept our invitation in their busy lives to come and get better acquainted.  We loved having this wonderful family in our midst. 
We gathered in the kitchen first and met all 6 of their children.
We enjoyed a little ping pong and viewed every part of the mission home while our hamburgers were on the grill. Elder Worton visiting above with President Krause!

We served a very traditional North America BBQ, with corn, salad, hamburgers and potato chips and pound cake and whip cream!

The Krause family's oldest daughter Emily (18 years old) has been in the mission home before. She came multiple times in December to help pack up Christmas boxes for our Elders. We love her and loved having her come again.
Our AP's, Elder Menendez and Elder Worton joined with us for dinner. They even got hold of the camera and took a few memorable shots! :)

haha...pretty clever!

After dessert, we gathered for a few FHE games. You cannot have a lesson with out a game, right? It was so impressive to listen to the Krause family each share their favorite scripture. They are really such an inspiring family. We hope to repeat this gathering. We loved having them all in the mission home.

One more round!

A few group shots. With the help of little brother, we even got to be in one. He insisted on being our photographer, and then took one of himself! :)

The photographer gets a selfie in between family shots!

One last one with Kermit the Frog. He was a hit with this gang.


  1. Love the updates! Helps me to continue to feel the spirit and love found in the Johannesburg mission! Hope you and President Dunn are doing well. You are definitely missed by a certain return missionary :)

  2. haha kermit! also, funny selfies. what a cute family and fun gathering!
    did dad get a haircut?