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Monday, April 13, 2015

Thebong at the temple!

On Friday April 10th, a very special endowment session occured at the Johannesburg temple. This one was extra special to us because 2 of our Elders were able to find and baptize Thebong in the Polokwane Branch almost a year ago. Today they could participate today with him as he went to the temple for the first time.

We celebrated this special opportunity.

The Winwards and the Hansen's traveled down from Polokwane with Thebong. Elder Brasher and Elder McClellan were able to participate, along with their companions, Elder Henley and Elder Loveless.
Elder Brasher and Elder McClellan surround Thebong. It was very special to have them share how they tracted into Thebong over a year ago and the amazing change in his life since then.
President and Sister Dunn are able to surround these three and lend our love and support. President Dunn feels strongly that this is one of the sweetest blessings and is committed to helping missionaries get there if at all possible

It doesn't always line up that the very same missionaries that baptize a member, will still be here when he/she goes through the temple for the first time.

However, when it does line up, it is so special if the missionaries can attend this special temple session.
Traveling to the temple is not always easy and especially when you have left one area and are now serving with new companions in different areas.

It was a special time for all of us. I remember in our mission presidents' seminar, that one of the first and most memorable talks was about "beginning with the end in mind." The end was about the endowment. There is nothing more important we can do than  help people get to the temple. That is when the real blessings of the gospel begin to bless our lives even more.

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  1. That's my boy! Thanks for posting this, Elder McClellan wrote home about how excited he was to attend the temple with Thabong. It is awesome to see pictures. I am so grateful that you for loving and supporting to our son!