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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Missionary for A Day!

On Saturday April 11th, the Centurion Stake planned a wonderful missionary activity for the YM/YW. They gathered at the MTC on Friday evening and participated with the missionaries there and received training. then on Saturday they met with the full time missionaries and went out contacting with them for 4 hours. We were invited to the conclusion of this great day together.

Elder Pick-Up, Jada, Broadhead, Adjei and Henley are gathered together below.
We saw them all arrive back at the Kempton Park Chapel and heard the testimonies of each of the youth. Many of our missionaries also shared their experiences and testimonies In a short time, we were able to get a great feeling for all that had transpired and feel of the depth of their commitment ot the gospel.
Our missionaries benefitted and so fif the youth. It was a great activity and we appreciated the organization form the wonderful Stake leaders.

The Elders seemed to have as good a time as the YM/YW. Elder Pick-up, Garnica, Allen, Adjei and Broadhead are pictured above.

It was also great that the YW could participate. In the past, this had been an activity only for the Priests, and now it was opened up to the Laurels also. Everyone benefitted.

We loved the chance to be with them all and share our observations and testimonies with them.

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  1. such a great idea and fun day!
    everyone looks so happy!