President and Sister Dunn

Friday, April 17, 2015

Benoni Zone shows up for interviews

On Tuesday April 14, the Benoni Zone came for interviews. This zone has 26 Elders, so it is a long day, but nice to connect with so many.
President Dunn pictures with Elder Nonumwar. He meets for 15 -20 minutes with each and every Elder.
This is the interview room. Our family blanket makes me feel like  all our family is supporting and connecting with each of our wonderful Elders.
We started off this interview cycle with our Service Scavenger Hunt. Seated: Elder Arthur, Melese, Souza, Mayisa, Rini, Tekurio and Holmquist
Sister Dunn giving some announcements and updates about our service projects during the interview time. 
Another district arrives: Elder Segil, Phiti, Kenyah and Cazier
Making muffins to serve others! Elders get tips from Sister Irene

Elder McClellan, Hepworth, Beers and Stilgoe in action in the kitchen!
Elder Melese and Elder Arthur getting ready to iron shirts, in service to their companions!
Elder Hollaway looks like he had practiced before on a lot of shirts.

Our cooks cleaned up! Elder McClelland and Elder Hepworth
Elder Loveless taking on another service project: sorting and cleaning assorted containers for the kitchen.
He takes this jumbled assortment and made a very organized, clean group of containers to use. 
Elder Beers and Stilgoe making sure they are following ther recipe. What a great set of zone leaders.
Cleaning the mission home patio and windows outside the Elders dorm room on the basement level.

Look how nice they left it!
This was a nice fall day in the mission home. Great Elders, Service and learning took place while the personal one on one interviews happened.


  1. These pictures are SO great! It just warms my heart to see Elder McClellan's smile. When he gets home, he will have to teach his brothers how do to a "service scavenger hunt" :)

  2. So smart to have them clean up and bake while waiting for interviews! Perfect system :)