President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Johannesburg Joins Us Today

Elder Mpiyakhe and Elder Flake helped organize our Johannesburg one Interviews today. As Zone Leaders they are doing a great job.
We started the day with Elder Dean and his trainee Elder Bartice. Elder Dean had his departure interview today because he goes home in just 11 days.
Elder Dube was up next (even though I had to use another picture of him, since I did not capture one today in all the busyness) He will also be missed and had his departure interview. Elder Zitumane helped so much today as he ran Elder Matanga to the hospital for a follow up appointment during our interview time.
Elder Engrom and Elder Irakize are a great new companionship and it was great to be able to visit with them.

Elder Blackburn and Elder Hosmer added much to the discussion today. Sister Michelle Klintworth also joined us (from the Fourways ward) sharing great insights with all of us.
Her husband, Garth serves as one of President Dunn's Counselors in the Mission Presidency.

The last  group that came included Elder Jennings, Elder Mazinyane, Elder Flack, Elder Chikoore and Elder Mpiyakhe.

Elder Sousa and Elder Jennings are new companions half way through this transfer.

We all enjoyed conversation during the interviews about the Book of Mormon and also enjoyed a snack.

For all the discussion that happens today, the most important is the one on one interview with President Dunn.

They are also sharing insights from their Book of Mormon reading.

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