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Sunday, November 13, 2016

SAJM Temple Trip for the Final Time!

On Thursday November 10th, we had a chance to take the 10 departing Elders for their last trip to the South Africa Johannesburg temple. 
We went on Thursday before a Friday transfer due to the fact that everyone flies out on Friday and the schedule would be to tight to squeeze the temple in on Friday.

It was a lovely way to do it and we loved being together with these 10 great missionaries. 

They were also videotaped by Elder and Sister Broadbent. 

The video clip will be posted as soon as the Gatten's return from their travels.

Elder Mapenda is returning to Mozambique

Elder Dean returns to Syracuse, Utah
Elder Dube returns to Zimbabwe

Elder Nonumwar returns to the island of Chuuk in the South Pacific- Micronesa area.

Elder Laminie has the shortest flight to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Elder Mamhere returns to Zimbabwe

Elder Pickup came from the State of Washington, but will return to Utah
It was sweet to see the wonderful family from Joburg make the effort to say good-bye to Elder Pickup. Each missionary makes an impact in their own way. This is such a great new family in the church and so special to see them here on Elder Pickup's last day.

Elder Smalley returns to North Carolina
Elder Wegrowski returns to California

These are boys that turned into men over the past 24 months. 

After the temple session we planned a casual dinner at Mike's Kitchen in Parktown, literally around the block from the temple.

It was already late, so we had planed in advance to grab a quick dinner before heading back to the mission home.

Everyone had a burger and a milkshake! It was a fun time to be together and reflect on the temple and also on 2 years of service. 

When we returned to the mission home, we engaged in lots of various activities....playing chess....

watching Presidnet Dunn's Bear's and Prayer's video segment- called "Got Home Alive" while we enjoyed homemade cherry/rhubarb pie and ice cream.

Fun to see President Dunn being interviewed on TV.:)

Then...a great sing along started up with Elder Weg accompanying.
Impressive voices and music!

In the kitchen, scrapbook pages were getting completed by Elder Smalley, Nonumwar and Mapenda. Everyone left very inspiring pages for reflection.

This was a great day to prepare us all for the final day before they all fly for home! Our shortest flight will be 45 minutes and our longest will be about 40 hours!

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