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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A new senior couple and other visitors

On Tuesday November 22, 2016,  Elder and Sister Jensen arrived. We celebrate this new senior couple and are so excited to get them here.

We happily  hosted them for dinner at the mission home and served them some South African fare of bobotie and malva pudding. After an attempt to sleep a little, we took them to the mission office where we had an orientation and breakfast together.
They met the Larson's and the Wells and were hooked up with phones, cars and many other details.
 ,We then drove them to the area where they are serving, which is in Potchefstroom with Elder Greener and Elder Galbraith. 
We were able to meet up with them before we dropped the Jensen's at their new home for the next 2 years. 

We got all their luggage moved in and they seemed ready to get settled.  we are so excited to have them here and look forward to seeing them next week for the mission tour.
Earlier in the day, another group landed in Joburg and we had time to show them around during the day. First stop- temple and area office where they could connect with Elder and Sister Walton that are from their home ward. The Walton's are leaving on Friday Dec. 2nd for home, but it was highlight for this group to see each other and even meet Elder Hamilton at the area office.

Couples: Stephanie and John Bjorn (her parents are presiding over the Provo Utah Mission and his mom is form South Africa and his dad served his mission here.  Their friends, Sarah and Sean taylor came along on this fun trip. They are headed to Durban, to Cape Town and on a safari, before heading home. they each have one little baby boy at home. Cute couples!

Today was the kick off for the #share the light campaign.

Due to the campaign kick-off, our area president, Elder Hamilton was available and able to visit with this fun group. It made it extra special for all of us.

This was also special for me to have one more time with the Walton's. They are such dear friends and we have loved serving alongside them for the last 18 months. They do so much for the area president.

I stopped into the Church History Center and love seeing this new history timeling mounted on the wall. Brother Holmes oversees this department and has been so fortunate to have Taunia and Dennis Lombardi as a missionary couple. Transitions are happening here also as they head home this week.

The Bjorn's and the Taylor's enjoyed a few of the Joburg sights. It was fun to take them around to a few places that are meaningful, like Constitution Hill, Hillbrow and the first Chapel in South Africa, Ellis Stadium and Soweto. We also toured the MTC and Mission Office complex.

We also stopped and had some African cuisine at Moyo. 

They brought President Dunn a gift from some special friends in common (Brent and Kathryn Knudsen) and of course it was a new green tie to add to his collection!

AS the final event of the day, we were able to ahve the Bjorn's and the Taylor's meet the Jensen's, as a new senior couple. We had a great day being with all these wonderful people and welcoming them to South Africa..some for 10 days, others for 2 years!!!!

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