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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Soweto Special Conference

Sunday November 20, 2016
Elder D. Todd Christofferson speaking today. Everyone arrived an hour early and was excited for this special opportunity.
Sweet members were greeted by all the missionaries.

Every chair was filled in the stake center and they also set up a full outdoor tent to pipe a video feed.

Our zone leaders, Elder Nelson and Elder Hlophe overseeing the crowd.

Elder Zitumane and Elder Campbell came along with us today.

At the end of the meeting, Elder and Sister Christofferson greeted all the children and the young adults before being swept off to their next meeting.

Elder Davis is dong great as one of our new missionaries. Love seeing him in action.

Elder Makasi's  (an area seventy) darling children are growing up so quickly.

We loved seeing Elder Thompson and Elder Rash today.

Members all mingled after the meeting.

Elder Chirwa and Elder Valikoula

Beautiful day in Soweto

Epic event here today

Elder Ansumanu and Elder Muriiwa

In addition to the chapel, they filled up this tent today.
Our CES senior sisters, Sister Willis and Sister Foxx joined us today and sat by us. Yesterday I attended their in-service for seminary teachers. They are master teachers.

Love these members

How cute are these sisters?

Lots of cars parked even on the grass

Only in we left, look ar what we saw gong down the road with all the cars.

Right next to a classic Soweto taxi filled to the brim.

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