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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Farewell Dinner

On Saturday November 5, 2016 we gathered with a group from the area office to honor the Walton's and Lombardie's who are heading home this month. They invited a few couples to join in the festivities and we had a fun potluck dinner
Chuck and Liz Walton- We will miss you. Thanks for your friendship and great service.

Dennis and Taunia Lombardie- you have added a sparkle to our service with any interaction we have been able to have. Yu did a great job with your Church History assignment- thanks for helping us with our annual history and missionary reflections.

The food was delcious. Everyone brought something. I loved this way to serve individual butternut squash.

The homemade rolls are always a hit, especially with grenadilla icing.

We enjoyed the Graf's and the Jubber's

We will miss the Walton's. Chuck has served as the Executive Secretary to the Area Presidency.

Enjoyable company and fun to hear form the Walton's and Lombardie's about their highlights of the past 18 months.

Elder Broadbent kept it lively as he did his imitation of a turkey gobble...getting us excited for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to everyone for bringing great food.

Lombardie's, Walton's, Jubber's, French's, Broadbent's, Graf's and Dunn's

We have loved serving with them and even though we don't serve close by them all the time, we love these great people. Tonight we hosted a fun dinner at the mission home to honor their service. They shared their highlights and experiences. What a fun time together.

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