President and Sister Dunn

Monday, November 28, 2016

Centurion worships at the temple

We love Fridays at the temple! Each week a new zone gets the privilege and opportunity to attend a temple session together and then hold their district meetings over lunch in the cafeteria or canteen, as they call it.

Today we spent our time with the Centurion Zone.
Back row: Elder Morrill, Elder Nielsen, Elder Marsden
Elder Treasure, Edler Wikaira, Elder Adamson
Elder Sorge, Elder Nelsen, Elder Warnock
Elder Bakes, Elder Musiiwa, Elder reynolds, Elder Phiri
Elder Stevenson, Elder Kuyangepi,
President Dunn, Elder Kokotiko, Sister Dunn

The district meeting combined for the lesson and Elder Sorge shared thoughts on the district topic of how to use the "Light the World" campaign that is kicking off today around the world. Elder Morrill also shared some idea's, as well as Elder Musiiwa. 
Elder Reynolds, the zone leader was the concluding speaker today and all in all this great zone is making a difference in Centurion. Their effectiveness is evident and they have turned around some areas and really brought a fire to the work. It was a pleasure to be with them today at the temple.

One last picture of great Elders.
Elder Sorge, Elder Nelsen, Elder Warnock, Elder Adamson, Elder Bakes

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