President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, November 5, 2016

AP's with the Prez!

Three of our past Assistants to the President are going home on the November 11, 2016 transfer. We had to grab a few pics of the past and current AP's for the history books.
Elder Pickup and Elder Dean
July 12, 2016-August 23, 2016

Elder Dean and Elder Dube
Serving August 23, 2016-October 4, 2016
Elder Dube and Elder Zitumane
Serving October 4, 2016- November 11, 2016

Elder Zitumane and Elder Campbell
Serving November 2016-

It is so special to serve with all our missionaries, but we really appreciate the work and effort the Assistants put in to help the mission run smoothly!
Happy to have these two with us now. This is a meaningful time in the mission with the Christmas holiday coming and our collective reading of the Book of Mormon.

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