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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Tuesday November 15, 2016
We had 6 new Elders arrive on November 11, 2016 and 4 of them with their trainers and the AP's joined us for an Orientation at the mission home today.
2 of the Elders that just arrived  (Elder Droubay and Elder Andrews) are lucky to be serving in the Nelpsruit and KaNymazane area and are not able to come today due to being 5 hours away. The Orientation will be taken to them during the transfer.
Elder Campbell and Elder Zitumane did a great job conducting and leading out today/

They started today by introducing themselves and modeling how others can do it. This is a good team and they have started off so strong as a companionship.

Elder Curriden and Elder Davis introduced each other.

Elder Greener and Elder Galbraith were also introduced.

Elder Marsden and Elder Morrill shared what they have learned and also what they appreciate about each other in their 4 days together so far.

Last, but not least, Elder Wolfgramm and Elder Ott shared their appreciation for each other. It is so fun to hear how they come to know each other so fast!!

The Assistants shared about the 2016 goals for the mission and where we are in reaching them this year.

I spoke to the missionaries today and welcomed them here. There is much you could tell them, but being a missionary is "on the job training". It is fun to have them in their mission home and let them feel loved. I generally talk about how the temporal things of a mission will help their spiritual growth.  I love this orientation day.

We take a lunch break half way through and have a little ping pong tournament while President Dunn fires up the Braai.

Today Boersworst is served and there is plenty of it!

We also have the new missionaries complete a South Africa Pop Quiz. It is importanttot know about the place you serve. I give them the answers at the end for their future reference. It is fun to see how much they already know.

Elder Greener helping Elder Galbraith think of his answers!:)

Elder Davis has it all figured out!:)

Sister Irene always makes certain everything is ready!

Lunch time

President Dunn finishes up after lunch with so many valuable things. We hpe these new missionaries feel loved and off to a great start.

This group is all the same height. What a sharp group of trainers and new missionaries.

We all enjoyed a but of malva pudding before adjourning.

Elder Ott and Elder Wolgramm

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