President and Sister Dunn

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday in the Community

Today, Monday November 21, 2016 was a day in the community for the sisters in our mission.

You may be thinking that the South Africa Johannesburg Mission does not have any sister missionaries serving here, but we do- just ones that are a little older and wiser!
We gathered together and went to Ethembeni again,  a place of hope, to offer our time with the children here at the orphanage.
Sister Larson, Sister Wells, Sister Foxx, Sister Willis, Sister Dunn, Sister Robison
Today we found the greatest need was with the toddlers who were playing outside. Next time we should all come in pants- but today we played with these darling, active, and enthusiastic children.
We each were bombarded with little bodies who wanted to be held, be rocked, be played with.

There was no shortage of opportunity to love and hug the children.

We couldn't believe how agile and coordinated they all were on the playground.

The equipment is fun for them and they like going from thing to thing.

You can hardly see that Sister Wells is under there.

It kept us busy..........

doing one think or another.....

We will be back as often as possible. It is a great way to be in the community and help out a little.  We appreciated the staff for welcoming us and so appreciative of any time we can donate to their orphanage.

On our way home, we stopped at a fun place in downtown Johannesburg for a lunch at Moyo at Zoo Lake.


It was fun to try a place that is unique to Africa and very cultural.

We tried so many different foods from Sweet potato and biltong soup, to crocodile tail and ostrich meat in salads. We also had lamb and samp and beans in a potjie. This is a fun place to try great Suth Africa fare.

Just walking around Zoo Lake and the area is a treat.

You can see that we have some pretty sweet sisters in the SAJM.  This was a fun day in the community for us.....where we served a little and then were served ourselves! It is a meaningful week for those of us mindful of the Thanksgiving holiday in America this Thursday November 24th. We re so grateful for all we have and feel so fortunate to be serving in South Africa.


  1. Such a cute group doing the sweetest thing! That orphanage looks amazing! xox

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.