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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mission President Seminar Nov. 2016

The November Mission President's Seminar is here again.
We have two seminars a year and this is the main one that has always been hosted here in Johannesburg.
We joined 15 other mission presidents from all over South East Africa and feel honored to be part of this great group. We are 1 of 3  couples that will go home this coming year in July 2017 and feel blessed to be part of it.
 On Wednesday November 16, 2016  we were able to gather with everyone at the White House (which is another name for the Area Presidency residence on the temple site.)
We had dinner there and Elder and Sister D. Todd Christofferson and Elder and Sister Soares from the Presidency of the Seventy joined with us- even though they are not looking at the camera right now.:)
* my highlights and notes from the conference are coming and will be listed at the end.
Elder and Sister Kapu are now serving in Zambia as the replacements for the Erickson's. Our Elder A'homhe is from their home in Tonga.

Elder and Sister Chadambuka, who has a son (Elder Musiiwa) serving in our mission. We feel like we are both his parents.

Dinner in the garage with everyone. haha (due to weather) They had a very good lamb braai with delicious side dishes.

We got to sit with Elder Ellis and look at the fun the group is having at the table behind us:)

Our table was so fun and we met the Collings who are serving in Uganda. It was so fun to hear more about them and Uganda.

So I came to the seminar with 4 weeks since my ankle surgery and the need to elevate as much as possible.

Elder Hamilton is the Area President and kicked off a great seminar.

 The seminar ended with a public relations kick off by Sean Donnelly of the upcoming Christmas #Sharethelight campaign.

Elder and Sister Palmer have been a great addition to the SE Africa Area Presidency.
Elder and Sister Ellis shared their testimonies and we look forward to having them join us for the Mission Tour in the SAJM in December.

Elder and Sister Hamilton bring a great energy and vision. We love serving with them so much.

Liz Walton led the closing song- "God be with you 'til we meet again?" Elder and Sister Walton fly home after 18 months of service as the Executive Secretary for the Area Presidency. They leave on December 2, 2016 in just 2 weeks from now. We will miss them.

We love having area specialists serve alongside mission presidents. Dr. Vernon Jubber is such an asset to our mission.

Afterwards I was asked to share some of our handouts and ideas with the Thompson's who are now serving in the Durban mission. We loved meeting the 8 new mission presidents couples that have been called since July 2016.

Here is a closer look at President and Sister Thompson from Durban South Africa.

We really loved being with Ephraim and Nomthi Msane who served with us in our SAJM mission president and is now the Kenya Nairobi Mission Presidents. We love them both so much and love being able to connect with them now through this wonderful association.

We love spending time with Brenda and Steve Merrill, who serve in the Cape Town Mission. We both have 7 months to serve and feel so lucky to have come out with them.
Things are wrapping up.

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  1. All so great, especially seeing you with the Msanes! So so cool.