President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last Lunch is Served!

President Dunn and I love the opportunity to create and prepare a memorable final meal for our departing Elders.

Sister Irene helps make it a success and she alwasy makes her special pap.

Before lunch was served the ping pong challenge began...everyone warming up for the tournament!

It's all for fun, but everyone was pretty interested in playing their best.

President Dunn fired up the Braai and is putting on the rump and bacon skewers.

Irene helps get all the food on the table. Below is our strawberry tossed green salad with avo and cranberry.

.....and of course, a decadent dark chocolate cake for dessert.

Every missionary has their green card to mark where they sit. These cards go home with the missionaries.

Hope that is enough food to fill you up, elder Laminie.

Thanks Irene for all your help to make the lunch so special, Your famous pap with added potatoes and peppers is always a hit.

A lot of pap, salad, squash and rump and bacon skewers!

These faces will linger around the table long after they have left. We love them all and enjoyed the celebration for them today.

Our Assistants created a departing Elders Ping Pong Tournament! A fun last activity before heading to the airport.

Elder Campbell up 

The spectator seats

President Dunn is in the game!

Elder Dean keeping score!

The finals were fun to watch! Elder Weg won the second round and Elder Nonumwar won the first!

Airport time: It starts to feel real at this point.

So long...farewell.....please plan to stay in touch! We love you all!!!! What a great last day spent with all of you. Travel safe and let us know when you are safely home.


  1. Hi - wonderful photos. I have a question for you; are you currently renting out an apartment you own in New York City? I have found one on Craigslist, with an e-mail from you, with information about yourselves and links to this blog. I want to make sure it is legitimate. Would you mind letting me know if this is true? You can e-mail me at in response. Good work you are doing. Thank you. - Corinne