President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Centurion Comes

Our living room keeps filling up with the most awesome Elders. Today the Centurion Zone comes and we look forward to greeting and meeting with 16 Elders.
I am loving the opportunity to discuss the Book of Mormon on this 42 day of our 100 day mission wide read. we all read Alma 5 today.
Elder Jorgensen, Elder Stevenson,  Elder Mukwiiza, Elder Nielsen

We began talking about "digging for gold" and watched the mormon message- "Flecks of Gold" as we started

This dynamic group had so many nuggets from their reading that they enthusiastically shared today. I was very enlightened by the chance to visit with them during the interviews.
Elder Mukwiiza, Elder Nielsen, Elder Stevenson, Elder Jorgensen
Next group up: Elder Kokotiko, Elder Morrill, Elder Martinho and Elder Adamson. I don't know how the discussion keep being so stimulating and invigorating, but they do. Thanks Elders for sharing from your heart. It is clear that your effort in reading the Book of Mormon is resulting in inspiring impressions.
We were sad to see them go and look forward to seeing them all soon. President Dunn does a great job connecting with each one- during the one on one interviews!
Next up- 4 Elders from Rabie Ridge and Tembisa
Elder Lino
Elder Treasure
Elder Sorge and Elder Nielsen
Elder Treasure, Elder Sorge, Elder Lino and Elder Nielsen
They brought their insights and ideas to day and the time went all too quickly. Thanks for sharing and being such awesome Elders.
The crippled mission mom:)  handing out a special packet to supplement the reading, before they leave. 
Our last group was as enthusiastic as the first. Truly, this group of Centurion Zone missionaries really brought their knowledge, insights and testimonies today. I could not have been more inspired and impressed all day.
President Dunn with Elder Wikaira, Elder Randi, Elder Bakes, and Elder reynolds. Thanks zone leaders, Wikaria and Reynolds for being so prepared and having you zone show up to participate!

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