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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bedfordview Comes Knocking

Wednesday October 26, 2016 finds the jacaranda tress in full bloom and a bit of a windy, cooler day.
The Bedfordview Elders total 16 and they started arriving at 9 am for interviews.

Our first group of the day has Elder Wegrowski (who is a short-timer, as he goes home on Nov. 11th!) and his companion Elder Smith, Elder Schnepf and Elder Kagimba

Next group up includes Elder Sibanda, Elder Derera, Elder Weidmann and Elder Masiya.

We engaged in meaningful discussions about "digging for gold" in our impressions of the Book of Mormon. Every missionary has shared insights that have been most relevant to them.

 “There are trace amounts of gold in everybody, 0.2 to be exact.  
It’s in our bodies, our bloodstream; 
but the highest concentration of gold is found in the heart. 
Gold. It’s in us all; 
only some have the strength to dig it out.”
2016 Olympic Ad

I think reading and writing in the scriptures is like mining or panning for gold.  Each of us brings different tools and work ethic and interest to the study, and the amount of gold we find will reflect that.  I find it interesting that we are all serving in a land rich with gold. Johannesburg is specifically known as the city of gold.  

 I am impressed by the gold nuggets of insight that are coming as impressions.  A gold nugget is not yet a refined piece of coin. A nugget is a smallish, jagged, treasure of a find, usually you picture it torn away from a larger vein.  Just like real gold nuggets, our impressions must be flushed out, we have to look to find them and then ponder and polish it in our minds for the greatest value. Impressions are gold nuggets, but will stand the test of refining and expanding to bring them to their full value. That is why you gather to discuss, after much private reflection.

What will I do differently today and tomorrow because of what I have read about this person, or this story  or this testimony… or this behavior choice? To write those questions- and answer them- teaches us about making the commitments they we ask our investigators to make.  And it is mining for gold in their own hearts and characters, as well as in the scriptures.

We all shared many different perspectives from our reading.

Elder Kilgorre ponders

Elder Reid and Elder Eki both offered insights today that were powerful and listened to others share their impressions.

President Dunn enjoys a minute sitting with the entire group. He conducted 16 interviews today as he met with each missionary in the Bedfordview Zone.

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