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Saturday, October 1, 2016

A September dinner to remember

A September dinner to Remember
Area Stake Presidents and wives were invited to join together
for dinner
at the
South Africa~Johannesburg
Mission Home
21 Carnation Street

Friday September 30
6:30 pm
On the last day of September 2016, we invited the Gauteng Stake Presidents to gather for dinner at the mission home. We were delighted to get 4 of the 6 Presidents and their wives.

Pictured above, The Holmes (Benoni Stake) The Lebethoas (Soweto Stake) The de Kock's (Johannesburg Stake) President Dunn and the Kraas' (Roodepoort Stake)
Missing- The Martin's (Centurion Stake) and the Msizas (Bedfordview Stake)
We were so happy to also have President and Sister Gwebu join us from the Vaal District. We hope it will be the Vaal Stake before too long.
It was a lovely opportunity to honor President and Sister Eppel, who are part of this coordinating council and have been the temple presidents for the past 3 years. Their calling comes to an end in one month, so tonight we gathered and also honored them for their amazing service.
President and Sister de Kock
We loved hearing from the Eppel's as they shared some reflections from their special calling in the temple.
President and Sister Lebethoa

We have loved serving alongside the Eppels. Friends forever!

President and Sister Gwebu

President and Sister Kraas

President and Sister Holmes

We took a few photos with different combinations! We are honored to know and love these great leaders of the church here in Gauteng. The church has had the longest time to grow and develop in this part of South Africa. These families represent many generations of faithful committed saints. Knowing the history and stories has made our time here so much richer. We hope to continue to foster relationships with all of these amazing people even after we depart from this choice land.

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