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Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Italian son heads home!

Elder Michele Di Ruscio headed home to Italy on Tuesday October 4, 2016. This is one excellent missionary. He has been a humble young man who came two years ago with not a lot of English. Today he heads home with fluent English and a strong legacy of leadership. He has been such a solid, good missionary and one that we hope others will aspire to.

Before Elder Di Ruscio left, we were able to greet a new missionary form Los Angeles, Elder Daniels. At first we told him that Elder Di Ruscio was his companion. Then we let him know that actually Elder Di Ruscio was heading home to Italy that evening.

Elder Zitumane and Elder Dube (as Assistants) flank Elder Daniels and Elder Di Ruscio who are coming and going in the same night.
Earlier in the day, Elder Di Ruscio shared insights with the new missionaries who entered the SAJM today. He also shared his powerful, personal testimony of Jesus Christ.

Elder Di Ruscio has many talents and he played the mission song and accompanied everyone at the end of the meeting. It was sweet to hear him play it one more time for us.

We then had Elder Di Ruscio as the guest of honor at the mission home for a lunch before we headed to the temple. Elder Dube and Elder Zitumane joined with us.

Elder and Sister Gatten serve as Public Affairs Missionaries and they met us at the temple and recorded Elder Di Ruscio's final reflection.

It was powerful to hear a faith promoting story and message for all the current missionaries.

Here is his reflection below.
He also scored excellent on his English test

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