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Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016 Departures

This transfer has a number of missionaries going home before the transfer ends due to visa issues. On Monday September 19th we took Elder Rokotoarison to the airport to head home to Madagascar.
 He spent Sunday night in the mission home and headed out first thing on Monday morning. He has learned English on his mission and done a very good job. We wish him the best as he heads home.
Last photo at the stop will be with his family.
Tuesday September 20, 2016: Elder Bergman did not leave until 8 pm at night, so we got to spend more of the day with him. We stopped and visited at the temple first.
We then enjoyed a lunch together at Wits University at Olive and Plates. We had Jan and Kevin Cameron, some friends visiting from the US and they were able to join with us for lunch.
We will miss Elder Bergman. What a great missionary he has been.
One last photo at the airport.........
and the next one will be with his great family. He has carried this picture throughout his mission on his scriptures. We can't wait to see some pictures of him in their embrace! Travel well and stay in touch!!

More details coming about pictures below!!

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