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Monday, October 24, 2016

Bears and Prayers Comes to Soweto

On Sunday October 23rd, President Dunn shared the bear story in a fireside in Soweto. 

The fireside started at 2:30 pm. Some of the members stayed after their earlier meetings that ended at 12 pm. A few needed to take a nap in between to make it to the start time! 

haha- It shows a lot of diligence to be willing to come to a 3 hour church block and then stay an additional 3- 4 hours to hear a fireside. It is nice you can lay down for a bit on the benches before the meeting started again.

The Dobsonville Elders planned the fireside, invited all their investigators and even sang a special musical number.
Elder Curriden, Elder Cox and Elder Pickup sang "Where can I turn for peace" while Elder Powell accompanied them on the guitar.
Missionaries are invited to initiate a fireside in their branch or ward, if it has not been offered yet. We find it is a great way to strengthen the ward or branch, while bringing investigators to the church for a faith promoting story. Thanks, Soweto District for leading out and for your amazing success in Soweto.
We were able to offer a lunch after the fireside and invited Irene and Bishop Shabalaya and their family to join since Dobsonville in Soweto is their ward- and also the Soweto District to thank them for planning such a successful event.  Elder Zitumane and Elder Dube helped serve the lunch to everyone. 

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