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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Orientation for newest missionaries

Orientation with our newest Elders was scheduled for Thursday October 6th. We started at the mission office and had the Wells and the Larson senior couples explain everything from phones, flats, cars, and funds to supplies and publications. They also got specific driving information from Elder Larson.

After the morning information overload...they all arrived at the mission home for lunch and then more training and orientation.
We also started off with a pop quiz about South Africa. I will list the questions and the answers at the end of this posting. I think it is important for our Elders to know about the history of the church admist the political and cultural backdrop of this most unique and diverse country of South Africa. 
We served a traditional South Africa dish called Bobotie, which is a mince and curry dish, topped with chutney, rice and bananas and served with tumeric rice. Of course we served malva pudding for dessert. Sister Irene Shabalaya helps in the mission home and here she is serving these great Elders.

They all look happy and relaxed, dont' they?

After lunch, everyone headed upstairs to the library for the Assistants to begin the afternoon session

Elder Thompson started off by leading the hymn.

We are tightly packed in the library and dining room with 11 Elders and 11 trainers and 2 Assistants.

We start off with a slide of each companionship and a picture of the place where the new Elder is from.

Then introductions happen as these great young men tell something they admire and something unique about their companions.

We learn a lot about them initially and love this chance to get to know them all even better.

Elder Dube and Elder Zitumane are new Assistants together for the first time. they do a wonderful job organizing all of this important first part of our afternoon together.

Sister Dunn gets time to tell about being "Fit for the Kingdom" by working towards being self reliant in temporal matters and reliant on the Lord in spiritual matters.

President Dunn finishes up with a great presentation and opportunity to ask questions and interact.

Today he shared 7 Secrets of Successful Missionaries

Chocolate Malva Pudding was waiting as a treat at the end.

Singing the SAJM Mission Song together is a wonderful way to finish a great orientation day. This song is so powerful and was written by an SAJM missionary over two decades I am told!

Here are the great new Elders.
L to R
Elder Blaylock, Elder Figuereo, Elder Bartice, Elder kealer, Elder Cox, Elder Daniels, Elder treSure, Elder Rash, Elder Chikoore
Front Row: Elder Blackburn, Elder Austin
Followed by a great group of trainers.
L to R
Elder Sorge, Elder Jangao, Elder Daki, Elder Hosmer, Elder Mazinyane, Elder Lefthand, Elder Thompson, Elder Powell, Elder Luweire
Front Row: Elder Dean and Elder Higgs
Elder Zitumane helping to clean up, along with Elder Dube. I make them wear our aprons, so they don't get their suits dirty with all the table and chair hauling.

Thanks to Irene for also helping with the set up and clean up. Everyone loves her and enjoys the sparkle she brings to the gatherings!

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Good-bye new Elders and Trainers. We loved the time to get better acquainted.
These are just a few of the interesting facts and fun trivia associated with this amazing country you have been called to serve in. Use the time you have here to come to know and love the diverse, beautiful and amazing country.

There are so many mixed cultures, extreme diversities and deep-rooted history. Sometimes people tend to overlook that change is not an event, but a process and the democracy in South Africa is still young- only about 20 years old.

Like you growing up, this country needs to work through everyday challenges and needs time to grow and mature.  It is important to know the history of the church AND the history of South Africa. If you show interest in dates, places, people and events, you will come to know the place and people better and will go home changes on many levels. You may or may not have been born in Africa, but wither way, let Africa be born in you.

SAJM Pop Quiz

1.     What year did Mormon missionaries first arrive in South Africa?  1853              

2.    What year was the Johannesburg Temple dedicated?  1985

3.    In what year did the South Africa Mission divide to include 2 missions? 1984

4.     As  of 2016, how many church members are there in South Africa@ 64,000
5.    As  of 2016, how many LDS Stakes are in the SAJM boundaries? 6

6.    As  of 2016, how many LDS Stakes are in the entire country of South Africa? 14

7.    What current Apostle served as the South East Africa Area President? Dale G. Renlund
8.    Where is a new temple being built in South Africa?_Durban

9.    Who dedicated the land of South Africa in 1973 to increase missionary work? Spencer W. Kimball

10.  What year did the Priesthood revelation come to include  ALL worthy males? 1978

11.  What year did the policy of Apartheid begin in South Africa? 1948

12.  How many years was Apartheid in force?  46 years

13.  What year did South Africa hold their first post-apartheid era elections, when millions of black people voted for the first time in their lives.  1994

14.  Who was elected as President in this first Democratic election? Nelson Mandela

15.  Approximately how many  people consider themselves  Zulu in the world? 10 million

16.  What percent of Zulu’s live in South Africa? 95%

17.  What does the Z.C.C. stand for? Zionist Christian Church

18.  How many Z.C.C. members are there in South Africa 15 million

19.  What is the name of the movie about SA Rugby and Nelson Mandela?  Invictus

20.  South Africa is known for having the highest average of daily sunshine.

21.  Summer is known for the most rainfall.

22.  In 2016, who is the current President of South Africa?  Jacob Zuma

23. What is the ruling government political party in 2016? ANC or African National Congress

24.  The population of South Africa was recorded in 2015 with  approximately 54  million.

25. Roughly, what % of the population is :     Black  80% Colored,  9%  Asian 2% White 9%

Short Answers:

1.     Name the 3 missions in South Africa.
                                              i.     Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg

2.     Name 2 of the first missionaries in South Africa
                                              i.     William Walker, Jesse Haven

3.     Name the Top 3 South Africa Sports by spectator interest.
                                              i.     Cricket, Rugby, Soccer

4.     Name the “Big 5”!
                                               i.     Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Rhino
5.     What is the definition of Apartheid?
                                              i.     Segregation by race

6.     Out of the 11 languages spoken in South Africa, can you name 5 common ones? (not listed below) Afrikaans, English, Ndebele,Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. 

7.     These South African words have different meanings- Can you write another word or meaning for these SA expressions?
                  Boot                         Trunk
                  Lekker  _                Very Nice
                  Wors                       Sausage
                  Bonnet                   Hood
                  Eish                          Oh No
                  Braai                        Barbecue
                  Robot                      Traffic Light    
                  Bakkie                    Truck
                  8. Between 1978-2011, there was explosive growth in the LDS church in South Africa. What      conditions contributed to the growth?
                  The revelation on the priesthood available to all worthy males
                  The opening of the Johannesburg Temple in South Africa
                  The ending of Apartheid

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