President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Breaking News

On Saturday 15, 2016 we had Joe and Alex Daily visiting us from SLC, Utah and took them out for a fun P-Day activity of Mountain Bike riding.
I had a little mishap and fell on this particular day....causing an ankle injury, that I was hoping was just a sprain.

I hoped so much that I simply wrapped it and grabbed some crutches we had at the mission home and went to church on Sunday and hobbled around, still hoping it would calm down and start feeling better.
By Monday, I knew that I needed to get it checked out and unfortunately the X-ray confirmed that I had broken my right ankle on both sides of the heel and needed surgery to put it back together to heal properly. Darn it!
So, I elevated it and worked from home for a few days this week while the swelling calmed down
On Friday October 21st I got to go to "Theatre". In the States, theater is a pleasant experience where you try to stay awake and enjoy the performance. Here, theatre is the name for the operating room and you hope you are asleep when you there. The surgery is the only "performance" going on with the surgeon as the leading actor! I sure have a new perspective on theatre and prefer the entertaining version I am accustomed to.:)
Here I am waiting for my turn to go to theatre to repair this broken right ankle.
I had great care and made new friends at Milpark Hospital
But, by far the best care came from my companion, who was there at every turn to offer prayers, blessings, support, food and love.
I was discharged on Saturday October 22, 2016 and left with more precious metals than I came with.
.........they are all now in my ankle.

A friend shared this concept with me this past week, with no idea of my pending surgery. It takes on more meaning since I have just been "mended".

There is a Japanese art of Kintsugi, which technically means "golden joinery"
Kintsugi is where beautiful, delicate broken pottery is repaired with powdered gold, silver or platinum. It treats breakage and repair as part of the history of the object-rather than something to disguise. The repair adds to its beauty and value. As my friend wrote- "obvious comparisons to having broken hearts and teachable spirits which show the lines of gold where we are constantly healed by our Redeemer and Savior, as we diligently read and ponder His words.

I love this applicable concept. I also value the downtime and reflection opportunity this affords me. In the coming weeks, while I am recovering, we have interviews here at the mission home with each missionary. I feel blessed that I can sit still and learn from them as we discuss our impressions of our Book of Mormon reading thus far.  I cannot think of a better way to have "golden joinery" happen and feel the repairing, mending quality of our Saviors words in our life.

The video above is something that my son in law, Chase, sent around to the family claiming that this was the crash I took. My mom beleived it for a second and we all got a good laugh out of it.


  1. I'm so sorry you were hurt, but I LOVE your spiritual insight. And what beautiful friends you have who share such wonderful thoughts and words with you. I'm grateful our young men have you there and I'm thankful that your ankle is on the mend. Thank you for your insights and beautiful spirit, Sister Dunn. May you blessed with healing and power at this special time of your life.

    1. Sister Austin- How nice of you to comment. I look forward to having you son in the mission home again for interviews. I will share your love and let him know your words touched me.

  2. Hello Sister Dunn, I'm sorry you hurt yourself, and I'm so glad you are recovering well. Get lots of rest! I must say, that I'm thrilled that my son Thomas will be there shortly to meet you and President Dunn, and all of the young men there. - Colleen (Galbraith) Hawker.