President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Leaders gather today

Another Mission Leadership Council rolls around! This was a great meeting with lots of good information imparted to help these missionaries lead in their respective zones.
Since last time we have added Elder Zitumane as an Assistant, Elder Wikaria in Centurion and Elder Flack in Johannesburg. 

Elder Zitumane and Elder Dube did a most excellent job planning and leading out in the meeting.

As always, we reviewed the goals and key indicators of the mission and each zone's key indicators were reviewed, with arrows indicating where this stat has gone from last month. This is actually a very effective way to see where the mission is moving, without it being all about the numbers. We compare areas where things are going well and have the zone leaders share what they are doing. If things are challenged, we brainstorm ways to help improve.

Lots of participation happens and we received many ideas, feedback, questions and suggestions on every subject presented.
President Dunn gave a presentation on the "Why?" of missionary work. It is always a good idea to remember why we are here and what our purpose really is. We never want it to feel like it is about adding numbers and stats to the church- it is about loving Christ and sharing the good news with others, living it ourselves.

Our great office sisters, Sister Larson and Sister Wells helped serve the lasagna and salad lunch I had prepared. We moved everyone to the S and I board room and had 2 wonderful lunch time speakers today with Sister Willis and Sister Foxx.
These two amazing women came to South Africa on a mission just 3 months ago. They have lived together for the past 12 years and after they retired they wanted to serve a mission together. We are so blessed they were assigned here. They both are serving in the Seminary and Institute program and helping administer the teaching of seminary/institute in the Guateng area. Today they shared information about physical and mental health. This has been their professional areas of expertise. We will use them again with all our missionaries, but today they shared a brief overview with our zone leaders over lunch.

At the end of a great meeting the Elders were treated to a strawberry shortcake made by Sister Larson. They have many notes and information to take back to their zones for their meeting this Friday, October 21, 2016.
PicturedL Elder Avarell, Elder Turauskis, Elder Flack, Elder Ete, Elder Wikaria, Elder Reynolds and Elder Eki.

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