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Monday, September 26, 2016

Women in Service

Today, Monday September 26, 2016, I hosted a "Women in Service" lunch at the mission home. About 26 women were in attendance as we shared connections and specific service opportunities. Here Ayanda Sidzatane is with her lovely mother, Desiree Tshilo. They spoke about the Sinikwe Women's Empowerment Group and shared the success of this group and the needs they have of selling their goods.

They brought displays of what they make and some were purchased. There will be an event on November 30th where many of the women will be able to sell their handmade items. More information will be posted.
We listened to introductions of each other.

And enjoyed a fun lunch together and Sister Nikki Larson made our strawberry shortcake dessert. 
Sister Wendy Malpage shared information about her HOPE project. She is so inspiring and reminded all of us how it just takes having a desire to help and doors will open up. She has involved the missionaries in her projects in the Alexandra township. I have loved being with her at the soup kitchen, the orphanage, the preschools and the rest home. She has involved others and invites participation form anyone interested in getting involved.

Lots of conversations happened. Women love meeting each other and making new connections. Debbie Boschoff fromt he Pretoria Stake brought a new friend with her. Diana Nelson is new to South Africa as her husband works her as an attorney. She is working with "Days for Girls" and shared more details with us about this great project that is positively impacting young women all over Africa.  *I didn't have my regular camera today, so I didn't get good pictures of everyone.
Sister Jenny Robison looks stunning in her black hat from the Sinikwe Women's group. 
I love having Sister Grace Mthobo and her daughter, Wenzile join with us from Soweto. They came last time and then I was honored to be part of the Soweto First ever Women's Conference. Sister Grace is the Stake RS President in Soweto. Wenzile and I were both on the program. It was a historic event for women. 
Look at these darling women....dressed in their heritage clothing. Thanks for coming and making it so special. Looking forward to the next time we will gather as women.  It is a nice way to find out more of what is happening in the community and also bring women together to make important connections. Women know how to support each other.

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