President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Impressions of the Book of Mormon

At our recent zone conference we focused the theme on the Book of Mormon. We started the conference off with a pre-study session where we all watched the 2014 documentary, A New Day for  the Book of Mormon

This was a great start to the day and inspired everyone to look more closely at what lies within the pages of this remarkable book. President Dunn then challenged all the missionaries to read each day for 100 days as a mission wide effort. Each day we are all asked to record at least one impression on each page.
A hard back copy was distributed to each missionary with their name on it. The idea is this special copy is meant to be "written on" in a unique and special way.

All the workshops were focused on topics of the Book of Mormon like, "Questions of the Soul" from the Book of Mormon, "Teaching the Book of Mormon in Tandem", The "Most Correct Book" and also "Writing Meaningful Reflections from the Book of Mormon."

We hope families and returned missionaries will join with us in this collective and individual read and write! Below is our schedule for reading starting September16th and finishing on December 24th.

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