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Friday, September 23, 2016

Zoning in with Johannesburg

We began our Johannesburg "Zoning In" on Wednesday September 21 with Elder Mazinyane and his new missionary of 4 weeks, Elder Kokotiko. They are  a powerful companionship and we were delighted to be with them for over an hour as we studied together.
They are serving in Ridgeway and have a great study environment.
We noticed all the clean and shiny shoes in the room.
I loved hearing them start our study session with a song, sung from the heart!

After studying we were able to go visit some of their investigators, Vanessa and Leslie.
Elder Kokotiko is adjusting so well as a new missionary. He is bold, eager to learn and radiates happiness.
Elder Mazinyane is a great trainer, and showed us his beef stew after our studies. I am proud of him to take the recipes provided and try them. This is a nutritious, easy and time efficient recipe. 
Vanessa and her nephew are positive and anxious to be taught.

We then drove across the zone and met 4 companionships at the Abbey Cross Rest Home. This group improved the service opportunity today by each taking a turn picking a song and giving a spiritual message before we sang it. Elder Zitumane and Elder Mpikahe are the zone leaders and today I discovered how musically talented they are. They sang a duet and were powerful with their spoken words and musical voices. All the missionaries shared something personal today. It made the service so much more meaningful.
Elder Engrom
Elder Ngilazi 
Elder Stevenson
Elder Dube
Elder Dean
Afterwards we all headed to a place where lunch is provided by the rest home staff.
The owner of Abbey Cross is Diane Tiam, a member in the Randburg Ward. She is also the Relief Society President. She is the one that has organized this  project and she loves to serve the missionaries lunch after they give service.  This is a sweet member who is interested in serving missionaries that serve others!
"When ye are in the service of your fellowmen, ye are only in the service of your God" ~Mosiah 2:17
President Dunn and Elder Zitumane discussing the zone.
We love each and every missionary and find them so diligent and trying to be a great representative of the Lord. 

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