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Friday, September 23, 2016

A Thursday Service Opp!

On Thursday morning, September 22, 2016 Elders from the Bedfordview Stake gathered at the Alexander hospice to help serve food. This activity is orchestrated by Sister Wendy Malpage from the Randburg Ward. She has been doing this for about a year and a half and involved our missionaries wth her.

Elder Eki, Elder Mkhize, Elder Mugenyi and Elder Warnack joined with us today.

Elder Dean and Elder Dube also came along on this one today. They now have the assignment of covering the Randburg Ward. So, since Sister Malpage is in that ward, and the service site is in Bedfordview (Alexandra Township) it was nice to get missionaries from both areas.
Today we had the pleasure of having Jan and Kevin Cameron along to participate in the service. They are friends from SLC that paid us a visit for a few days en route to Kenya.
Pictured:Jan Cameron, Elder Dube. Kevin Cameron, Elder Warnock, Elder Eki, Elder Mugenyi, Elder Mkhize
Front: Elder Dean
During our time there today this young girl in the striped shirt came and asked for food for her family. She has known Wendy and her offer help. Today she was needing food for their 5 little children and 3 adults. 

We had luckily brought even more food along with us today and we had a pot of stew and bread to share.

We followed them to the place where they stay and left our food for them.

While waiting, Elder Dean and ELder Dube were sharing the gospel at every opportunity.

Next stop: Day Care Center also in Alexander

This preschool has about 30 little 4-5 year olds enrolled.

The goal has been to improve their school by painting ( a few weeks ago) and putting up a shade cover (today)!

The 6 missionaries were all so helpful- as they helped set up the spot for the shade cover and them brought the poles in.
6 long poles were needed.

Sister Malpage had her two son Matthew bring tools for the project.
Josh also came to participate as long as he could. He is still in matric (last year of high school) and was studying for exams today.

We laid out the tarp and marked the corners/

We had a big crew here this week and will bring back 6 more next week to do the other half.
Once again, I am always amazed at howe well behaved (and darling) the little children are.

WEndy is getting to the nitty gritty of pouring the cement to hold up the poles. We were glad to have Kevin helping and advising.
These 6 were hard workers.
Digging post holes is not easy work!

2 down, one to go today!

Success! Last pole set for the day. Let's hope they stay put!
This lovely woman is the Director of the preschool.  She is such a strong force for good in the community.

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