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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remember our September Visitors

The month of September brought visitors to remember!
We spent quality time sharing the South Africa Johannesburg Mission with Jim and Natalie McCullough. They shared in our Friday temple day .......

and also accompanied us to church on Sunday in Vanderbilj Park for a branch conference.  

They were even here to help get ready for  a "Book of Mormon" focused zone conference. They also presented in the conference. We loved having them share in this amazing mission experience.

We welcomed them with open arms and are so glad we could share this experience with them and have them meet all our missionaries.
After they left we had a few days before Jan and Kevin Cameron stopped through Johannesburg on their way to Kenya. We felt so honored they would carve out a few days to see how the South Africa Johannesburg Mission was doing and catch up with us.
We were able to have them participate in one of our departure days. They came with us to say good-bye to Elder Bergman. We stopped by the temple and they went through a session while we took Elder Bergman to the airport.

They joined us for lunch with Elder Bergman and had a chance to get acquainted with one of our great missionaries on his very last day in South Africa.
The next day we dropped them at the Apartheid Museum on our way to a "Zoning In" with the Johannesburg Zone.
On their final day they participated in service all morning with us in the Alexandra township. They were a great help and really got to see another aspect of South Africa.  On the way to the airport I stopped by and paid a visit to Michele Klintworth. Michele's conversion story is closely tied with dear neighbors and friends at home, Sue and Gary Buehner.  It was great to have them accompany me on mission activities this day.

Last stop before heading to a fun safari in Kenya. See you back in SLC in 9+ months!

Loved our visit with the McCullough's and the Cameron's in September. We will always remember the great opportunity to share our love of the gospel, the marvelous missionary efforts and the amazing land of South Africa. It is a great line-up of meaningful connections.

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