President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bonifaz Bon Voyage

On Monday September 5, 2016, Elder David Andres Bonifaz Meno departed the SAJM with his family and headed back to Madrid, Spain. He is leaving off the transfer cycle due to school schedules. His wonderful parents (who do not speak any English) arrived a few days ago to pick him up. They have been traveling to members and recent converts before they leave today.  They brought us some very meaningful gifts. President Dunn has always loved the book Cervantes and the Man of La Mancha play and story. Without knowing that, they gave him a Don Quixote statue. We all were touched by the coincidences....that didn't feel like coincidences!

We were honored to host the Bonifaz family for a lunch on the day they departed back to Spain. These are the special moments on a mission that I will forever hold in my memory. we loved having Elder Bonifaz translate over lunch and come to know this great family. 
When Elder Bonifaz was dropped off at the mission home we were able to host a dinner with the zone leaders, of which we had been one. Elder Adams and Elder Nelson joined with us. We also had Elder Dean and Elder Dube join with us.

We served a traditional South African dish, Bobotie with chutney, coconut and bananas. This meal is complete with a little tumeric rice and of course malva pudding.
Elder Bonifaz has such dear, dear parents. We absolutely LOVED meeting them and feeling of their great spirit and love for their son.
Always hard to actually say goodbye and see the car drive away!
Until we meet again!!


  1. Until you meet again Spain! :)

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