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Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Zone Leaders in MLC

Today we hosted the Mission Leadership Council. Elder Dean and Elder Dube did a wonderful job planning and executing the agenda.
We have a great group and many new missionaries. Here Elder Mbiriwiri, Elder Avarell and elder Campbell are listening to discussion.

These two great missionaries, Elder Di Ruscio from Italy and Elder Bergman from Sweden are in their last transfer. They will be heading home before the next MLC. We salute them for their great service.
This group meets at least every transfer and many months we have an extra training meeting.  We have a very diverse group from all over the world assembled.

Elder Zitumane (South Africa) and Elder Mpiyaki(Zimbabwe)

Eldere Mugenyi (Uganda) and Elder Eki (Switzerland)

Elder Campbell (California) and Elder Bergman (Sweden)

Elder Mbiriwiri (Zimbabwe) and Elder Avarell (California)

Elder Di Ruscio(Italy)  and Elder Reynolds (England)

Elder Turauskiis (Lithuania) and Elder Ete (Samoa)
Elder Adams (Ireland) and Elder Nelson (Australia)

Elder Dube (Zimbabwe) and Elder Dean(Utah)
Thanks to these two for pulling off a great meeting and President Dunn for a wonderful training.

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