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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Zoning In- Tzaneen

A warm welcome by Elder Togaitomai as we arrived in Polokwane for a day of Zoning-In with Tzaneen on 
Friday June 5, 2015. This worked out well on our way to Tzaneen for a Saturday zone conference.

Pictured below: Elder Menendez, Hendersen, Worton, Koyle, Togaitomai, Lybe and Compton!
We were met by the Elders serving in Mokopane, Seshejo and Polokwane for district meeting. Elder Compton gave a great district meeting and gave a wonderful lesson on "How to Begin Teaching"
After the meeting we shared a pizza lunch with homemade peanut butter cookies. It is always nice to pause and have lunch together. We are not up here often, so it is great to be able to participate
in district meeting with everyone.

The Polokwane branch has a new quilt on the wall, made by the Relief Society women recently. It is always fun to see the new additions to the building. The members, with the help of the Winwards, are always up to something new. 
On the drive from Polokwane to Tzaneen we took a few extra minutes to drive down the road to Debegeni Falls and snap a picture. This area makes you realize how tropical the Limpopo Province is. The landscape suddenly changes and the area suddenly feels very tropical and green.

Elder Koyle and Elder Worton enjoyed the detour. Elder Worton has not served in this area and never seen this beautiful sight. 
How lucky are we to serve in such a diverse and beautiful country?

We arrived in Tzaneen and met the Elders serving there at 4 pm for an afternoon of contacting, followed by 
a District Meeting at 7 pm.
Elder Worton and Leman meet up, with Elder Stilgoe ready for contacting.
Elder May and Elder Clegg arranged for some street contacting and singing near the Tzaneen Bus Station.
We definitely got attention as we sang hymns on a busy corner. It was fun to see the personal connections that happened after, with everyone talking to someone on the street.
As you can see from the pictures above and below, everyone got involved. It was wonderful how many people we met up with. Everyone was engaged! 
President Dunn engaged with those riding the bus!
We actually ran out of our pass along cards, pamphlets and books. There were many referrals and numbers to share over dinner, for Elders from the various areas.
We loved meeting with all the people out on the street.  We went together as a district and had a quick pizza dinner together. As you can see below, they were re-copying all of the phone numbers they got during our contacting.

After dinner, we headed back to the chapel. Elder Clegg, as District Leader set up the most wonderful role play scenarios. He had costumes for everyone and also specific scenarios to work with. 

Below is President and Sister Campbell, dressed up as village Africans. They shared real life situations our Elders deal with. We were taught and entertained with wonderful role play lessons from 7-9 pm.

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  1. LOVE all of this! I think this is what we witnessed happening on facetime :) You are amazing and I love seeing you guys out among people spreading the best thing possible!