President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Zone Conference-Tzaneen

Tzaneen Zone Conference
June 2015

On Saturday June 6th the final June 2015 conference was held for the 16 Elders serving in the Tzaneen Zone, that includes the following areas-Tzaneen, Modjadji, Motupa, Polokwane, Seshejo and Mokopane.

Front row:  Sister Dunn, President Dunn, Elder Stigoe, Elder Hendersen, Elder Menendez, Elder May
Back row: Elder Tumarae, Elder Paul, Elder Reynolds, 
Elder Togaitomai, Elder Williams, Elder Lybe, Elder Compton, Elder Kusi Poku, Elder Clegg, Elder Leman
Senior Couples make the Tzaneen Zone even more special
President and Sister Winward-Polokwane Branch
President and Sister Campbell- Tzaneen Branch
Elder and Sister Butler- Modjadji Branch
Elder and Sister Hansen-Seshego Branch
The conference began with Elder Hendersen conducting and making announcements. President Dunn offered wonderful sessions on “Being a Full-Purpose Missionary” and “Integrity and Self Reliance”.
Elder Koyle and Elder Worton conducted a session as the Assistants, entitled, “Teach and Testify”
After a delicious lunch prepared by the senior couples, I facilitated an interactive session on the “30 Second Approach.”  
We had fun practicing effective ways to make initial contacts and share gospel truths that invite people to want to know more.

It was fun to practice the skill of speaking with confidence, while being succinct. These young missionaries are already quite good at this, but everyone can use practice as they create an "elevator speech." 
It is always fun to take candid pictures of our great Elders. They are always up for a picture.
Our three Europeans serving in Tzaneen from England and Belgium,  Elders Hendersen, Leman and Stilgoe.
Elders Kusi Poku, Paul and Togaitomai attempting to lift Elder Tumarae
These three have served together as Assistants, but now they serve 5 hours apart. This was a nice time to catch up!
Elder Worton,  Elder Menendez and Elder Koyle. 
This was a pice of the dancing that happened at lunch. Sister Butler is making a music video of the missionaries and the Modjadji Branch and wanted everyone to participate.

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  1. HAHA the pictures of you in your training are amazing -- so focused! I want to hear your 30 second approach training!