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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Honoring the Departing

Well another 6 weeks have come and gone since our last departure. It is truly a bittersweet time. It is wonderful to think of these Elders heading home to families and their life. But, it is hard to say good-bye. This is an incredible group of powerful missionaries heading home.

Starting the day greeting the new missionaries! Later in the transfer meeting we honored each departing Elder by bringing them up in front and giving them a South Africa Johannesburg Mission pin, plaque and patch, as well as our love and appreciation. We also read the quote* they selected for the Cumorah Crest newsletter. (*to be added below picture ASAP)
Elder Brasher

Elder Cazier
Elder Compton
Elder Dutson
Elder Dye
Elder Farnes (flew out early-honored last evening)

Elder Koyle

Elder Malapula
Elder Menendez
Elder Nuenschwander

Elder Sipiri

Elder Thompson
Elder Tye

Elder Wood

After transfer meeting, we had a South African Braai with Boerwors at the Mission Home. Family members joined with us and then Elder Cazier, Elder Compton and Elder Koyle left for traveling at this point.

The rest of us headed to the temple for last pictures, video interviews and a reminder of the amazing history of this mission.
Elder Tye and Spiri
Departing Elders still with us.

(L-R)Elder Nuenschwander, Dye, Malapula, Wood, Spiri, Tye, Menendez, Dutson and Brasher

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