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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cowans' Come!

Bob and Liz Cowan come for a visit

What a delight to have Bob and Liz Cowan come home to South Africa. These two wonderful people are neighbors of ours in the mount Olympus area in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, they had the wonderful opportunity to live in Johannesburg from 2008-2011 when Bob served as the Director of Temporal Affairs for the Church.  Liz and Bob loved the people, the culture and everything about South Africa. They were the best ambassadors for us and promised they would come visit.
Of course, they kept that promise and we have so enjoyed meeting them at the temple, going to lunch at Olive and Plates, visiting all of Liz’s favorite people and places to shop. Mind you, Liz has an eye for taste and authentic African arts. She has so many dear friends that remember her and were so delighted to see her again. Below are some fun pictures of our fun filled days together. They stayed with us at the mission home for 5 days and were on holiday for over 14 days. They visited other friends and also spent a few relaxing days at a game reserve.

We love Bob and Liz and will be forever grateful for the amazing introduction they initially gave us and then and up close and personal tour with them!

We hosted a fun party while they were her, with senior couples that serve together from the mission and also the area office. Here they are with the Jacksons, serving in the office of general counsel.
We also had a wonderful night out with mutual friends, Andy and Charnell DeKock, at Wombles. What a fun evening together.
Below are pictures at the art studio of Cinda Hunter in Midrand. I guess you could call it a shopping spree, but really it was a chance to visit old friends of Liz's and meet their amazing bull terrier dog and enjoy tea and brownies.  I also got a tour of the house, met Digby and Penny who own the house and see Digby's amazing pottery craftsmanship.

Of course I will be back and I will bring my visitors. This is a fun place with so many wonderful things to look at, from furniture to jewelry to beautiful pots.  Plus, Digby is a mountain bike enthusiast. Maybe I can bring President Dunn on a P-day and he can bike with Digby while I visit and shop with Penny and Cinda! Sounds like a good plan to me.

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Digby, Penny , Liz and Bob

Ostrich eggs above, Digby's pots below! Stunning!

We went many places together, but one that I want to remember, was visiting the Bryanston Organic Market and running into another mutual friend. He makes the most amazing African carvings. I love his work and of course, Liz was familiar and had commissioned custom  pieces from Him.

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  1. looks like you had so much fun with them! they are darling!