President and Sister Dunn

Monday, June 22, 2015

Departing Dinner

The changing of the guard
On Monday June 22nd we hosted our biggest transfer dinner yet.
14 missionaries are being honored tonight and 10 family members joined with us and made it even more celebratory.
Back Row: Elder Menendez, Elder Dye,  Elder Neunschwander, Elder Cazier, Elder Dutson, Elder Thompson
Front Row: Elder Koyle, Elder Sipiri, Elder Brasher, Elder Wood

We had a most enjoyable evening being together. The dinner was fun to host and everyone seemed to enjoy the time to sit and relax and visit with each other.

We were excited to see the reunion of families with missionaries this time.
The Compton family came from Cove, Utah to meet their missionary son. Parents are Greg and Holly and brother Connor and sister Kaitlin. (Below-Compton's meeting up on driveway)
Elder Compton was so excited. He was watching from the upstairs window and saw their car drive up. He was like a little kid at Christmas, as he ran outside to greet them.

His brother and sister got to accompany his parents. It was so fun to see them re-connect so naturally.

We remember this so well, because we picked up our son over 10 years ago in Prague, Czech Republic. It was such a Déjà Vu to see them reunite. I remember being so excited and nervous  and then it was so natural when we actually were all together. It felt that same way for the Compton’s, Cazier’s and Koyle’s.
We also had the Cazier family picking up Elder Calvert Cazier.  Grandparents, Anne and Calvert and also their son, Elder Cazier’s uncle, Peter Cazier and his sister, Jocelyn. (all pictured below)

We also had Elder Koyle’s parents with us, Greg and Lydia. They arrived on Friday and were able to attend Sunday service together.
After dinner, we gathered in the living room and had each missionary introduce themselves and then the AP's hosted a reflective, interactive discussion. It was a wonderful evening in every way. 

Below Elder Dutson is introducing himself.

We had a full house watching and participating with us.
Elder Farnes shared a final testimony on Monday night, due to his early departure. He is leaving before the transfer meeting so he can spend time with his family in Brazil, before his sister heads back to the States. His dad and mom are Mission President and Companion in the Sau Paulo Brazil Mission.

A job well done, Elder Farnes!

Good-bye's and enjoyable time spent together in the mission home on Monday evening.
An early morning departure for Elder Farnes on Tuesday morning. Elder Harris and Elder Brown take him to the airport.

Elder Menendez and President Dunn finding one more piece of chocolate cake in the kitchen before midnight!

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