President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Airport departures are bitter-sweet. We love sending a missionary home after 2 years of service. This is so tender to watch all the good-byes.  We had a sweet time saying good-bye to these wonderful Elders.
First stop: Delta Airlines
5 Elders are on the same flight back to the States tonight, through Atlanta and onto Salt Lake City. Three of them, will go onto Idaho after landing in SLC. Over 30 hours of traveling awaits them.
Elder Dutson is ready to go.
Elder Menendez gives us one more face to remember.
This group is headed home, either tonight or tomorrow

Good-bye to Elder Brasher

Good-bye to Elder Dye

Good-bye to Elder Dutson

Good-bye to Elder Tye

Good-bye to Elder Menendez
Group Hugs and High Fives!
The time has come to say good-bye to those on different flights

Watching this group leave was hard!
We then took Elder Wood over to his South African Airway flight to Germany and then on to Birmingham, England!
Good-bye to Elder Wood
We got home from airport drop around 7:30 pm and had 8 hungry Elders join us for dinner...a little pap, chicken pot pie and butternut soup. Glad we had some good eats still at home for this crew.
A few more to drop on Wednesday morning, June 24, 2015.
Elder Malapula heads to Cape Town at 9 am.
We love him and will miss him and hope we see him back in Joburg before too long.
Group Good-bye to Elder Malapula!
Next up: Elder Sipiri, headed home to Papua, New Guinea. He says he wants to go surfing the day he gets home, after his release of course. Below is a group good-bye for the shortest, yet spunkiest missionary!
A final picture, with Elder Sipiri's good looking SAJM mission bag.
Our final depart. This time with his dad, who arrived on the Delta Flight at 6 pm. The Nuenschwander's are headed to a game drive in Kruger before heading back to the States.
We are so happy to get every Elder safely home and/or with family. What a special, emotional day. The sun sets on the June 23rd transfer and departures.
We are so glad we get to keep our trusty Assistants, Elder Olson and Elder Worton
for a few more months.


  1. President and Sister Dunn, words cannot express how grateful my wife and I are for the service that you give to each and everyone of these missionaries. We can see how much you love these kids who are servants of the Lord in that part of His vineyard. Our son is home safe and he is already missing you and his mission very much. It is wonderful to taste the love the Gospel brings to our lives and strengthens the friendships created in heaven for eternity. We look forward to meet you soon. We'll make sure that Nick keeps in touch.


    The Menendez's

  2. Love this comment above and all this great photos. Bittersweet I'm sure! What a group!!