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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zone Conference Roodepoort

Roodepoort Zone Conference

On Thursday June 4th, we hosted our 3rd Zone Conference with the Johannesburg, Roodepoort and Soweto Zones. The Roodepoort Chapel is right on the Mission Office property, so it is the easiest one to transport to. We had such a special day. One of the most special parts was to have President and Sister T. Jackson Mkhabela spend the day with us.

President and Sister Mkhabela have been called to the Zimbabwe Harare Mission and begin on July 1, 2015. Attending the zone conference was a nice way to get a feel for the delight of working with missionaries.

They will be so wonderful. It was great to be with them today and we look forward to spending time with them for the mission president seminars twice a year.

Zone Pictures: 

 Soweto Zone
This great group of Elders serve in the largest township: Soweto. 
Elder Wilombe, Mapenda, Smalley, Mavundla, Dube, Sister Dunn and President Dunn, Ramiliarijaona, Sipiri, Harris and Kairu  
Back Row: Widdison,Roybal, Lyon, Manuma, Benge, Dzowa
Roodepoort Zone
Front Row: Elders Dean, Worton, Sister Dunn and President Dunn, Elders Koyle, Thompson, Maraetefau, Kwabaisi, Taylor. Second Row: Elder Adjin, Mukasa, Quigley, Wood, Tima, Whitehouse, Brown, Bergman, Smith, Deichman, Pedersen, Robbins, Samuel
Johannesburg Zone
Elders Graham, Mamhere, Ngilazi, Hentunen, Riley, KufoalorAsay, Pulley, Wilkerson, Jackson, Brown, Perkins, Lamini and Reese
President and Sister Dunn and Sister and President Mkhabela. 

Enjoy the candid photos below of our day with the
Roodepoort Zone
President Dunn with our great Assistants:  Elder Worton and Elder Koyle. They do so much to take care of the details of zone conference. We love them and appreciate all their hard work and great example for others.

After the conference:  Candids in the parking lot!

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  1. you are SO great at documenting and getting all of these photos!!