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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Missionaries Arrive!

Tuesday morning, June 23rd.
Transfer Day #9 since we arrived 12 months ago.
Pictured above are all those departing today and tomorrow
Bright an early on Tuesday morning, the new Elders get picked up from the MTC  from those departing Elders. Here is Elder Dye bringing Elder Ssendge across the parking lot.

Elder Williams (above) is not pictured throughout the day,because he came later in the evening. He arrived from SLC, after starting his mission in the Provo MTC. Elder Williams is from blackfoot, Idaho. We are excited that he is here and enjoyed greeting him at the airport as we dropped off departing Elders.

Elder Koyle and Menendez lead the way, pulling and carrying new missionaries bags. Below is Elder Malapula as he greets and meets them also.
Here come the new missionaires!

Elder Tye is not to be mistaken for a new missionary He is on his way home tonight.

Each missionary is met and greeted by President and Sister Dunn and our Assistant's. Elder Worton greet Elder Ssendge form Uganda. 

On June 23rd we have 9 missionaries entering the SAJM. Meet them now!
Elder DeSouza from South Africa

Elder Diogo from Uganda

Elder Thuthukan from South Africa

Elder Morrill from the Highland, Utah

Elder Mugenyi from Uganda

Elder Ndlovu from South Africa

Elder Ssendege from Uganda

Elder Thusi from South Africa

Elder Mpiyakhe from South Africa

Elder Ndlovu from South Africa

Elder Khwela from South Africa

Old and New Elders together
Below you will see each new Elder as they stand and introduce themselves to all the missionaries assembled for the transfer meeting.

Trainers are a critical part of the experience of the new missionaries. Below each new missionary is identified with their trainer .
Elder Morrill with Elder Downs
Elder Mugenyi with Elder May

Elder Ssendge with Elder Garnica

Elder Mpiyakhe with Elder Savage

Elder Khwela with Elder Turaskiis

Elder De Souza with Elder Mavundla

Elder Thusi with Elder Kankunen and Elder Smith-Holley

Elder Lybe with Elder Ndlovu
Elder Diogo with Elder Tumarae

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