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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elder Roberts Heads Home!

On Friday May 30th, 2015 we found ourselves packing up Elder Tanner Roberts to take him to the airport to head back to Utah. This was not the plan any of us expected, because Elder Roberts only arrived 10 weeks ago. 
He was such an outstanding missionary right from the start.
He has been serving up in Seshego (Tzaneen District) with Elder Dye and also Elder Menendez for his training period.
However, a hip problem he has had in the past surfaced and caused him to need to head home to deal with the need to address this serious medical issue.  
We hope to stay in touch and have him in our prayers. We hope all goes well with his medical treatment and he feels of our love and support.
Elder Koyle, Menendez, Roberts, Olson and Beers
His great companion, Elder Menendez. These two got along so well and were born one day apart. We are happy that they will re-connect in Utah in just a few weeks time when Elder Menendez returns home. They live very close to each other.
We love you Elder Roberts and have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Good-bye...You are part of the SAJM legacy.
P.S. While we were waiting in line at Delta, a large group of WalMart employees were headed to the States for a conference. I started visiting with them about what they were doing and then shared what I am doing here. One of the travelers popped up and said...I am a member of your church. We then met Leah (on right) from the Johannesburg 1st ward. We had a great chance to visit with this amazing woman.  You never know who you will meet in line at the airport! :)

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  1. you always make friends at the airport...and everywhere! :)