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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Johannesburg Stake Cultural Celebration

Johannesburg Cultural Celebration

On Saturday May 30, we visited the 1st Annual Cultural celebration in the Johannesburg Stake. What a great idea this was, to bring together members of the various wards and have them bring food and traditional clothing together to celebrate their heritage and cultures.
Below are various pictures from the different wards.
Note the bright colored clothing, beautiful faces and fun atmosphere.
This is an activity they are sure to repeat and make a tradition.

I loved arriving with Bob and liz Cowan visiting from Salt Lake City, Utah. They lived in this ward and so this was a reunion for them. 

We arrived just in time to get a group picture.
Close up's of these beautiful women

Wonderful food had been shared by everyone.

Singing and dancing was enjoyed by everyone

Notice all the beautiful children

There were actually a lot of men mingling and participating.

It was so fun to go with Bob and Liz Cowan, since this was the Stake they lived in for three years.  They knew so many of the people and are so loved by everyone.

We loved seeing President De Kock 
interacting with all of the Stake members. 

Dancing and singing was my favorite part. I loved this event and look forward to next year. 

I am excited to be able to attend this event for the next two years and see how it grows. Maybe we will take a dish from America next time. That was one area that President De Kock said he was surprised was lacking. There are many and American families living in the Stake and he was certain that someone would bring American fare to share. Hmmmm. Maybe an apple or cherry pie, with a lattice crust!:) will arrive for next year. 

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  1. such beautiful clothing and people! LOVE this!