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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Twelve Terrific Elders Head Home

Departing Missionaries
(check out their final reflections on youtube!)

On Tuesday April 19, 2016 we said good-bye to twelve strong Elders. They are leaving a hole in the mission and their legacy will be with us all forever.  Today they shared their knowledge with the new missionaries and then shared testimonies after their ceremonial pinning with the SAJM patch and lapel pin.
These Elders arrived just 2-3 months before we came in 2014. They have spent over 21 months of their mission with us here. So, needless to say, we feel very, very close to all of them. This was a very special group...but then again, they all their own special way.

 First up...Taft Sessions Asay from Utah
Christopher Dzowa from Malawi

Thomas Brandon Graham
Highland, Utah
Peter Kwabaisi 
Sione Lea’aetoa
James Junior Mwale
Gorden Natwijuka
Fabio Nicotra
Nathan Quigley
Layton, Utah
David Watenga

Jake Taylor Widdison
Hooper, Utah
Chomba Don Willombe

Meet Elder Wilombe and Elder Wilombe. These brothers met up in the Johannesburg airport. They completed their missions the same day, and were serving in Johannesburg and Durban at the exact same time.

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  1. Those hugging pictures are the sweetest! Love knowing these elders :)