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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Orientation is back..better than ever!

The last two transfers we have switched up how we were doing our Orientation for the new Elders. We tried to streamline everything with the new directive not to hold transfer meetings. In this process, we did a briefer orientation on the first day we had the new missionaries, instead of bringing them all to the mission home a few weeks into their first transfer.

We did this format twice and all agreed it was not as effective as we wanted it to be. Too much information on the very first day!

So, we re-tooled our orientation and came up with a great new way to do it.

So, on the new missionaries first day, we do a fun overview and they rotate through each office station, meeting all the senior couples, the Assistants and President Dunn and me.  It is fun, short and informative. We have a meeting with the trainers and departing missionaries and then 2 days later we bring them back for a more in depth training.

Sister Wells tells them about the mission office protocol and flat supplies.
Sister Larsen shares with them all about publications and proselytizing materials. She also captures and checks with their home contact details.
Elder Larsen talks to them about the mission cars and also allotment cards and finances.
Elder Wells shares information about the phones and flats and utilities.
It is a lot of information, but at least it is not on their very first day. They have read through the green binder and come more prepared to get a download of important information.

Meanwhile, President Dunn and President Msane were setting apart Sister Zulu and Sister Majate for their missions in London South and Zimbabwe in the mission office.

Also, the trainers were getting training for their most important role by the Assistants and also President Dunn.
Later we all headed to the mission home for more Orientation.

It starts with the Assistants sharing the agenda and having each new missionary introduced by his trainer and vice versa. This is one of my favorite parts. You learn a lot about each of the missionaries and we see pictures of where they are all from in the world. Currently we have missionaries from over 30 countries serving here.
Introducing each other!

The AP's then tell about all the various areas in the mission.

While I take a part and share about the history and legacy of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, I give them all a pop quiz they fill out when they arrive to see how much they know about the church history, political history and culture. It is a fun way to engage them.

I end by telling them that I hope they learn a lot about this wonderful country they are serving in. Be interested...ask questions...know the history here , both of the church and the events that have shaped where we are today!

Lunch time!
After lunch President Dunn shares some final important messages.
He shows a picture of himself on his mission and reminds them he has been where they are...just a mere 39 years ago.

We introduce more about ourselves briefly! We also share about our family and show pictures of each of them.

At the very end we serve a homemade malva pudding (a South African favorite)
Here is a great waiter I found!
I love all the faces around this table. I love the mission home because so much has happened here. So many meaningful moments with new and departing missionaries are around this table. It has come to mean so much to me asn every single event leaves a legacy and memory that is tangible. This was a very special day to add to many that have come before and will come after! But, today matters!

Elder Stevenson is a trainer and just was a new missionary himself a few months ago. 

What a great group. Plus, President Dunn in the picture below!
All in all- a great day with wonderful new missionaries. We are excited to get this group here in the SAJM!

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  1. Looks like you've perfected the new system!