President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Honoring 12 Valiant Servants

Lunch is served honoring these fine Elders and 24 years of missionary service around this table.
A table set for 12!

We still have our aprons on! Nice to sit and enjoy this fun lunch with everyone.

Brother and Sister Graham joined with us. What fun to have parents representing all the parents that will be waiting for these valiant sons.

I shared a simple message about the legacy or "ripple effect" 
that they are leaving behind in the SAJM.  Check out the link above.  I gave
each Elder a polished stone as a reminder of how they are going home 
better than they came.

President Dunn giving some final words of wisdom and advice. We both shared our deep love for each of these fabulous Elders.

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