President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Friends come calling!

Visitors from home! We loved having George and Charlotte Pratt come to see us in Johannesburg. From the time we got our call, the Pratt's have promised a visit. They spent a few days with us here and will end up in Zambia where Charlotte's sister Linda is serving with her husband, President Leif Erikson over the Zambia Mission. We loved spending time together. Our day at the temple was wonderful.
We actually met up with Elder Shamanga who is from Zambia and was set apart by Charlotte's brother in law, President Leif Erikson. His companion Elder Mbiriwiri from Zimbabwe also pictured.
Joining with the missionaries is also Jon and Karen Hale who arrived while we were in a temple session. Jon and Karen are also long time friends who we love and adore.

Enjoying church together in the Tsakane branch in the Benoni Stake on Sunday. 
Three college friends find themselves together on African soil.

We were able to enjoy some city sights such as Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum, Soweto and the Lion Park, like the experience Kari Kruger and I had a week ago.
We even got them on bikes in the "Cradle of Humankind" on our Saturday P-Day.

They are off for Cape Town and a visit to Victoria Falls before they land in Zambia for another mission tour.
 Safe travels. Loved the visit.
We enjoyed one last chance to see George and Charlotte before they flew out. We went out to dinner and got a wonderful run down on their time in Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Lusaka, Zambia.

We also went out with the Hale's on their day of their flight home on Monday of this week. Oh, how lucky we are to have dear friends come calling!


  1. So fun! This makes me so happy to see :) Love all of these great people!!


  2. President and Sister Dunn rolled out the red carpet for us from the minute we stepped off the plane! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Joburg with us. We will forever treasure our African soil experiences! Our love to you both. Keep up the great work you are doing!