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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Teaching workshops added to interviews-Benoni #1

On Tuesday April 26, 2016 we hosted the first round of interviews at the mission home with the Benoni Zone. It was a beautiful day and everyone arrived on time.
We started our day of training with a demonstration by the Assistants on bike maintenance and repair.

Many Elders can use the practice of repairing a flat tire. It is good to do it together and demonstrate and practice.
Elder Pickup took another group and talked about lubing the chain, adjusting brakes and general bike care.

This demonstration was also about general good teaching practices. Today we are focusing on a half day of "improving teaching techniques." With many young and new missionaries, this is an important topic.

So, after the bike demo- we moved upstairs and began some small group discussions and teaching.

They role played and shared great ideas with each other on how to ask inspired questions....

how to listen attentively...and how to use the scriptures in teaching.

The zone leaders offered a great training on characteristics of effective teachers and then provided a fun activity on "listening to the spirit", which after all is the best teacher.

We gathered today for a lunch on the lawn...and al the zone was able to be there for lunch.

Meanwhile, each and every missionary was interviewed by President Dunn. This is the reason they come today and it is meaningful to be able to be part of the workshops and have a one on one interview.

More time to be together over lunch. are on camera!

A table in the shade....

Sister irene helped set out the food.

The missionaries love her and she makes everyone feel welcome.

The afternoon group got the same training as the morning and likes it as much!

The voices are whispering and confusing Elder Eki.

All the missionaries did a wonderful job teaching each other. I learned so much form them and about them as I was able to facilitate and observe. I am excited about  the next 6 days when the other zones attend. 

Elder Bergman and Elder Mapenda are our Benoni zone leaders. I was so appreciative to them for doing such a wonderful job leading and teaching today. Interviews are such a valuable time to bring missionaries together and offer additional training. This is a particularly fun and meaningful topic.

At the very end of the day, after we were through with the training, we had time for a round of Kubes. This is a game that originated in Sweden (where Elder Bergman is from) and he taught the missionaries how to play. *we were given this great missionary game by Elder Lomabardie for us to use and keep for missionaries. WE love it and they had fun with it today.

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