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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transfer Day Starts Early!

The April 19, 2016 Transfer was one of the biggest in awhile in the SAJM. We have 12 wonderful Elders leaving us and 8 new ones arriving.  We also decided to change up the schedule a little bit and feel like it was a great day for everyone.
The new missionaries arrived at 7 am from the SouthEast Africa Mission Training Center and literally walked across the parking lot to their mission.
We spent 1 hour doing a fun rotation where they each got to spend 5 minutes with everyone in the mission office- President Dunn, Sister Dunn, Elder Well's,  Sister Wells, Sister Larson, Elder Larson, Elder Clegg (Assistant) Elder Pickup (Assistant)
During this time each member of the office staff got to know each new missionary (briefly) and shared one thing with them that was important.

We invite them back for a full Orientation on Thursday. That makes this first day one where they are not trying to absorb so much information. 
At 8 am we went into the Seminary and Institute Building and held a 2 hour meeting with their trainers and departing Elders combined. This hour is spent  with valuable questions and answers from those going home that day to those just arriving. The departing Elders gave such great advice, i.e., just love your companion, be obedience, talk to everyone, appreciate the culture, study hard everyday, we wise, etc.

We then said goodbye to the new missionaries and their trainers and said we would see them on Thursday for a full day Orientaion.

  It was wonderful to welcome our two newest Elders straight from the Philippines. These two are cousins and have already been on their missions for 3 months, serving in their home country, waiting for visas for South Africa. Just when everyone had given up on the visa's coming through...they came! Oh, how happy we are to get these two prepared, enthusiastic missionaries.

We also brought all the missionaries to the mission office to transfer today. These new signs help the missionaries to park and exchange in a more efficient manner.  We still have a little work to do to make it run as smooth as we want, but it will get there. Beautiful transfer day in the SAJM. Great spirit...great Elders!

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